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Poker is available in different variants and Caribbean stud poker is the most popular one.

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What distinguishes Omaha from Texas Hold'em is the number of cards you have in your hand . In Texas Hold'em you get two cards in your hand , while Omaha is dealt four cards in your hand . In Omaha is also required that you use two of the cards in your hand and three cards are on the table , to compose the best possible poker hand. In Texas Hold'em there is no requirement that your hand must use both cards in your hand and from the table, where does your hand consists of five cards are on the table .

While both Texas Hold'em and Omaha High is the best hand wins the whole pot ( pot can divide the course here too if two players have the same hand ), then the pot is split up into a " high " hand and a " low " hand in Omaha.

A poker hand that qualifies as a " low " hand consists of five different cards from eight and lower. If there are three different cards on the table that are eight or lower , so you can not get a " low " hand.
To identify the " low " hand saw one first looks on the players' fifth highest " low " card, then the fourth highest etc.

It is most common is that Omaha High is played as pot -limit while Omaha Hi- Lo is played as fixed limit .When it comes to the actual game play , so decided not hand in Omaha so often on the flop in Texas Hold'em. The two extra hole cards in Omaha gives a player many additional combinations to get a winning hand, so very often you will meet one of its draw either on the turn or river. Likewise , they contribute two extra hole cards in Omaha that you usually need a much stronger hand to win in Omaha than in Hold'em. While in Hold'em many times you win with a pair, so you often have a flush or straight to win in Omaha.