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7 Cards Poker

7 cards poker is one of the favorite poker variant which people plays worldwide.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Poker is available in different variants and Caribbean stud poker is the most popular one.

Poker Cards
Poker is played with a deck of 52 cards. Strong cards can win you huge money online.

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After the player has made his bet, the dealer deals the cards. Then he opens one of his cards. If he has an ace in the hand, you can press the "insurance." Thus a player insures itself against rapid loss. If the dealer still blackjack, the prize will be 2:1 - if not, the player loses his bet.

The button "Doubles" original bet, but this should be done if a player on your hands really strong combination. This button can be used in a game only once. A doubling of rates given the right to pull out of a deck of cards. If the combination is still not coming out. You can get out of the game by pressing "Surrender." By refusing to play, the player loses half his original bet.

When you iterate, in Spanish, as in the normal blackjack loses, so with transoms cards, which is accomplished with the "Another map" should be careful. If you bust the dealer's, the player wins 1:1. In Blackjack control panel is a button "Split".

Usually it is used when the dealer deals the player two identical cards. However, the division should double down. If, after the separation of drops 21, the final payoff will be a little smaller than without separation. During the game you can use the division 2 times, but you lose the opportunity to insure your bet at the dealer.

Rates for all other combinations and the number of decks in the Blackjack casino regulated by each in different ways, but in general, the rules are the same for all. If this peak, the payment of three to one. It must be said that these changes do not directly affect the game play, you can come up with as many as it encourages the player to collect a combination of the color.